About Us

Burklund Distributors: 70 Years of Convenience Industry Experience

what we know will grow you.

Burklund Distributors helps operators of convenience store chains reap the rewards of business – and overcome obstacles that get in the way. You can trust the experts at Burklund Distributors because we know the convenience industry.  Inside and out, and we have the experience, the products, and the know-how to help your chain grow. After all, when you grow  . . . we grow too!

We deliver:

  • Products you need, where and when you need them.
  • Know-how of the industry, the trends, your competitors and so much more.
  • Programs that move more product and help you get more return for your sales.
  • Technology to help you operate more with less – and get more from what you’re already doing.

In the last 70 years, we’ve learned one or two thousand things about supporting successful convenience stores. And we know
how to maximize profits on a store-by-store basis. As your partner in convenience, we’ll help you grow . . .
one store, one promotion, one idea at a time.

To better grow your business, call 800.322.2876.