STORE DEVELOPMENT | At Burklund Distributors we have experiences in site development – we work with you to review demographic studies, so we can assist development of your store image you wish to project and offerings you wish to feature. Once this is established, we collaborate on decor, store equipment, and store layouts.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT | We are among the best in our industry. We intend to stay relevant plus great value to you! We employ ProCat Technology (picking, loading, delivering) to provide 99.9% accuracy. Our infrastructure is fully equipped to deliver all temperature control items. Our goal is to be your single point source for tobacco, center of store, and your foodservice & healthy offerings.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS | Juggling information can be a burden. Today’s times call for bringing ‘Plan – Perform – Review‘ to the forefront. Burklund focuses our year into Preseason, Season, & Post Season segments purely to be your collaborators and advocates to your stores and your manufacturer partners. To be your extension into all your categories is why we are here.

STRATEGY & CONSULTING | Again, our expertise can branch into discussions to assist with your store operations – making orders, receiving orders, unique delivery times (evenings) . We constantly review our store supply offerings to give you choice of value and price. Our 3 segments of our year also align very well to assist in your choices of marketing & pricing strategies.

OUR TRUE DIFFERENCE MAKERS | Our entire Leadership and their operating staffs come together in unique ways to take what is seemingly ordinary and make it extraordinary. We do all of this to serve your needs, and we love working with great retail partners!

TOBACCO PROGRAMS | Burklund knows tobacco. It’s our roots. We partner with you to participate with all the major players in the tobacco industry. Altria, Reynolds American, ITG, Swisher, Swedish, Republic – We have strong relationships with all. We encourage data submission and supporting the most aggressive consumer offerings.

Burklund has OnPoint available as our recommended platform for cigarette & OTP scan data. It is also a platform for candy & snack consumer buy-downs!

MANUFACTURER PROGRAMS | Burklund’s process is known for placement of new items promptly and pulling of under-performers. Together we decide ‘Best Fits’ for your stores and our merchandising plan-o-grams provide great compliance.

PROGRAMS | We are a proud supporter of WAM, and its impressive size and value enable us all to be treated and respected as major national accounts. Review WAM on our Burklund site and you will agree it is an impressive rebate & data generating income source.

WAY TO GROW | Periodically, you’ll receive a helpful Burklund Publication, Way To Grow. It features special offers as well as interesting articles and tips from industry pros. Way To Grow is an additional tool to remind us ‘what matters most’ each season.

FOODSERVICE & FRESH OFFERINGS | By far, Foodservice & fresh will present the most opportunities within your stores. The beauty of foodservice is that it offers many ways to benefit your locations’ value & proposition. Patience and perseverance can pay huge dividends for your ability to compete into the future. In our test kitchen, we have great leadership and sourcing to have positive outcomes.

INDUSTRY INVOLVEMENT | Burklund believes when much is gained, much is owed. We don’t look for industry trends, we help create them. Whether it’s the pinnacle of leadership or the behind the scenes of industry affairs, we work on your behalf to cure the ‘wrongs’ and enhance the ‘rights’ of all consumer programs. We discuss the toughest issues in very respectful ways. We serve on YOUR association boards, as well as providing steady financial commitments. Over the long-term, we have been front & center in the federal, state, & local regulatory and taxation issues.

UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES | At Burklund Distributors, we approach things differently. Our recipe is to have great value, comfortable relationships, and consistency to accomplish everything to high standards. Let us consider the ‘daily grind’ your great coffee programs…so we can instead focus on seasonal strategic project outcomes.

ON THE STREET RELATIONSHIPS | A great relationship at Headquarters isn’t worth much if store level needs are not met. So at Burklund, we strive to provide ‘Best in the Midwest’ merchandising and deliveries. Stores are where the action is so why not have things properly executed.

IN THE REGION RELATIONSHIPS | Burklund knows our region well, and also how it compares and contrasts other regions. When your group of stores competes, we want to help your strategies develop and execute down into the stores. Convenience business is always evolving and we are too…
our guiding force and our logo represent: ‘Ever Growing—Ever Changing—Always a New Direction’

IN THE INDUSTRY RELATIONSHIPS | For many decades we have not only been a valued member of trade organizations, we have helped lead these same groups. Proudly, two generations were Chairman of the national trade group for convenience distribution. We have leadership in state organizations and we have leadership in the WAM organization as well.

We pride ourselves as a family with deep roots in the industry and very strong manufacturer contacts.

At Burklund Distributors, we have the technical expertise to help you electronically integrate your operation. Like implementing price changes. Or processing invoices. Or even making electronic payments. We also support many back-room and home office software suites – such as Success Systems, PDI, Pinnacle and CMi – and even develop custom applications to best suit your needs.

We incorporate InfoBate data analytics into our systems in order to help our customers manage store execution such as sales, orders, and program compliance. InfoBate is also utilized to track special promotions and incentive rebates for all of our customers.

Another tool we employ at Burklund is MSA/InfoRhythm. InfoRhythm is one of the largest databases of c-store shipments, this allows us to better understand and incorporate true market opportunity into our plan for your future growth!

Verge is our iPad-based ordering and item-level inventory software. Through the use of your Burklund provided iPad you can submit orders, check current inventory,  view suggested items based on your sales, and perform many other time saving & efficiency driven tasks.

OnPoint is Burklund’s recommended platform for data submission. It is currently compatible with Gilbarco: Passport, NCC: Reflection, NCR: Radiant, and Verifone: Ruby Sapphire II / CI, Topaz, Commander.

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