BURKLUND VALUES | When you partner with Burklund Distributors, you get a team of industry experts whose goal is to help you succeed. Our team is built around our CORE values – Communication, Organization, and Responsibility for Execution.


Ken Filipiak, Director of Information Technology | Using his strong background in system administration and programming, Ken provides the information technology to our teams internal needs and your external needs. He’s always on the lookout for new technologies to better help our clients achieve their goals.

Corey Burklund, Vice President of Operations | Corey has grown up in our business. During his college studies, Corey not only gained his own insights, but was exposed to his Dad & Grandad’s leadership styles. So today, he combines the importance of consistency plus today’s generations outlook & new world realities to continue our great operational team.

Lynn Hatch, Director of Corporate Support Services | Lynn is the Burklund leader who organizes all needs of our retailer partners.  Customer Support Services is now partnered with our Corporate Support Services to better align all aspects Marketing>Sales & Merchandising of all programs.  The new alignments allow a more streamline effort of authorizing items and promo execution. These services make the difference between Good >>> Great.  The department is a great asset for retail partners.

Randy Eckstein, Director of Foodservice | Randy has both significant operational experience in distribution, and passion for all aspects of great food preparation & presentation. His experiences operating several types of food establishments included tight cost controls as well as 24/7/365 operations. He will serve us all well, did we mention he is a chef too?!

Rob Hackett Jr., Vice President of Marketing & Trade Relations | Tobacco is critical to Convenience Operators.  Rob Jr knows Cigarettes, OTP, and Vape & Alternate Nicotine Products.  Burklund’s has always been proud to be your advocate and consultants so you may gain the maximum results for your market areas.  Program Choices, Data Submission plus Promotion execution are king…and we deliver consistent results.

As VP of Marketing, he collaborates with all Categories of Candy & Snacks for Marketing and Merchandising for ‘Best Fit’ for WAM Partners and other major manufacturers.  He also coordinates all other ‘Center of Store’ Grocery & Non-Foods Categories.  Burklund has a strong reputation for ‘Best in the Midwest’ Merchandising & Program Performance.

Jesse McDonald, Vice President of Sales | Jesse is our Leadership who brings all of Burklund’s defining characteristics together!  Jesse works closely with Rob Jr. to understand all of the Manufacturer Programs.  He takes National & Regional information and collaborates with Rob Jr to align Burklund’s offerings with each chain and independent partner, so we can best achieve their needs & goals.  We never intended to be a dump and run or a one size fits all solution.  Jesse educates and motivates our reps to always live our mission to serve.  Ever Growing>>Ever Changing>>Always a New Direction.  Jesse has great energy and a can-do attitude… a perfect combination for our point of contact.

Scott Alexander, Vice President of Business Development | Scott’s goal is that Burklund will become an integral reason consumers choose to visit your store – through Merchandising & Promotions,  Season Reviews, and store Image & Offerings Development. His capable team of client relationship professionals specializes in business development, technology, and consulting. Scott is proud to tell the story of Burklund’s team and how we organize ourselves and execute winning results.  For over Eighty years…We’ve turned a seemingly ordinary group of people into extraordinary services you can rely on.  


Paul Benes, Executive Vice President | Paul leads by ensuring financial stability and strong Infrastructure development. He leads Burklund Central Support Services, such as Accounting, Purchasing, & Customer Support.

Rob Hackett, President | Another Burklund family leader. Rob oversees all areas which are critical to the core services we offer. Marketing is Rob’s passion and our team of Sales & Marketing professionals understand your current needs, yet we always plan for a better tomorrow. Can you think of a better focus for one of our owners?

Jon Burklund, Chairman & CEO | Jon Burklund leads by establishing a vision of being an industry leader – being the best provider of products and services to the convenience industry. Jon lives our mission to be ‘Ever Growing – Ever Changing – Always A New Direction’ by being a project and result oriented leader.

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